Vaz Trucking also provides many additional services related to the wine industry.  The Vaz repack facility is located in Lodi, CA.  This fully bonded facility is run by Pete Vaz and has been designed to provide support services to Lodi and the surrounding area wine industry.  We repack glass for bottling, provide reselect services, and undertake special projects such as application of neckers to finished case goods or peel and re-label finished case goods.


All services are completed in a timely manner with high quality equipment in a clean and flexible production environment.


The Vaz repack facility sits at the heart of nearly 150,000 sq. feet of temperature controlled warehouse storage space.  Processing of inbound loads and shipping of dry goods and finished case goods happens daily without 24 hour notice penalties.  In addition, wine bottling services are also offered at this fully bonded facility.  Vaz provides the following equipment and services and makes them available to any interested winery and all of its mobile bottling customers.  Imagine the possibilities when combining your winery needs with Vaz resources.


·         Tanker transportation of wine

·         53’ Trailer transportation of case goods

·         Temperature controlled warehouse space for finished goods storage

·         Warehouse space for dry goods storage

·         Repack services:  Case to Case, Bulk to Case, Case to Bulk, etc…

·         Full Reselect services:  Glass Spec Quality Control

·         Label removal services

·         Bottling services at Vaz warehouse with DBA


Vaz’s bonded warehouse has the following equipment available to perform the above services:

·         High Speed Mobile Bottling Line

·         Wexxar WF30 case erecter

·         Two Pearson case Erecters

·         Lantech/Shanklin package shrink wrap and heat tunnel

·         Top Sealer

·         Wulftec and Prpac ez-load pallet wrapping units


If you operate a winery in the Lodi or surrounding areas you should be aware of our services and pricing.  We could provide you with the answers you are looking for.



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