The Vaz Mobile Bottling Line is the newest, cleanest, full service, high-speed Mobile Bottling Line based in the Lodi area.  Mobile bottling is not only a service that we provide to our customers, but like wine, it is a form of art that requires skill, care and attention to detail.  We take pride in our service and we strive to put your package together with precision and speed while providing a safe and clean environment for your wine's transition to the bottle. 


Special Features and Additional Services 

  1. On board Parker nitrogen generator.  We can provide pure, clean, filtered nitrogen in volumes to support our line speed.  Nitrogen is used for bottle washing and gas dosing units and has been proven to lower the dissolved oxygen in the wine on our line from tank to bottle.

  2. Print and dispense SATO black and white thermal transfer case labeler.  This machine provides a 4"x4" case label for manual case application.  It will print and dispense a high quality label.  Once the labels are pulled for use the next label prints, dispenses and waits for the the next application.  We can print most anything the winery requires on the case label.

  3. Protection from the elements:  we provide a 16'x18' stable canopy with vented and adjustable side walls to protect your crew and finished case goods from wind, rain and direct sunlight.  It is tall enough to operate under it with a loaded forklift.

  4. Electro Steam generator for sterilization of the wine system.

  5. We provide wine bottling services at our bonded warehouse in Lodi.  We can ship your wine via Vaz wine tanker to our warehouse in Lodi and bottle it up using our mobile bottling line with our provided labor, nitrogen, and pallet wrapping equipment.  All you need to do is make sure we get your glass, corks, capsules and labels.  We can offer a very competive price for this type of service.  Please call for details and get your DBA started today.

  6. Package consulting services offered at no charge to our customers.  Call Juan and ask how this free service can save us all time, stress and money.


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