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Monobloc: Corfill 24 head bottle washer/blower, Corfill 6 head gas injector, Corfill 24 head gravity filler, AROL 4 head vacuum corker, AROL 3 head Screw Cap Machine.  Closures are delivered to the AROL equipment hoppers via blower delivery system.  The closure is never physically touched by our operators.

Spinner: custom designed 10 head spinner with an 8 cup rotary automatic capsule applicator.

Labeler: Imprestik 3000 vac In-line Pressure Sensitive Label Machine.  It can run front and back labels on the same or seperate rolls.  This machine is clear label capable.  However, clear labels must be formated with front and back label on the same roll.  The wind of the roll is offside/left edge leading, position #4.

Heat Tunnel: Hot air blown shrink tunnel for PVC capsules and Stelvin DoubleSeal Screw Caps.

Case Sealer: BEL 270 with a Norton hot glue machine.

Case Printer: SATO GL408e Thermal Transfer Printer.

Nitrogen Generator: Parker DB5 Unit.

Sterilization: Electro Steam LG30 Steam Generator.

Product Pump: 2" positive displacement pump mounted on the underside of our trailer.  We use 1 1/2 triclover product hoses.

Laser Bottle Coder

Liquid Nitrogen Doser



(1) Provide a dedicated 100 amp, 3 phase, 220 volt power source with Appleton receptacle to receive Appleton plug.

(2) Provide a 60 amp, 3 phase, 460 volt power source with 3 phase, 100 amp plug that we can use to pigtail on our transformer and plug into the winery power source.

(3) Provide a dedicated service disconnect panel with on/off switch and 60 amp, 3 phase, 460 volt power supply that we can hardwire to.

(4) Provide a dedicated service disconnect panel with on/off switch and 100 amp, 3 phase, 220 volt power supply that we can hardwire to.



Rewind Position #4 (Labels wound facing outside/left edge leading), maximum roll diameter of 14", 3" I.D. core. Front and back label on separate rolls.

Additional Label Specifications: Space between labels - 1/8" min. to 2" max. Label height - 1/4" min. to 7" max. Label length - 1/2" min. to 11" max. Liner/backing types to be used - PET (clear), Glassine and 44PK (recommended). We can run clear labels on PET backing if labels follow the above specifications and are wound on the same roll.



Labor: Six people minimum.

Space Required: Must have room to manuever a 53' trailer into bottling position with 15' of clearance and 25' side to side to operate.




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