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How clean would you like your mobile wine bottling line and why?  The following is what Vaz believes and provides for their customers:


Although a mobile wine bottling line is open to the elements and as a result can only really be as clean as its surrounding environment, there are steps we can take to ensure that our entire line is as clean as it can be before we subject it to your particular environment, the elements and ultimately your very valuable wine and package.  There are many elements outside of our control, such as box dust, wind and airborne particulates, etc.  We like to take care and expend great energy to keep our bottling trailer and equipment as clean as possible for every bottling. 

 Your wine is a food product.  As such, our line is visually clean on the outside (much like a fire engine) and sanitary on the inside (like a fine restaurant's kitchen area).  The wine line and associated contact equipment is maintained sanitary and sterilized before every bottling day.  We work very hard to make sure your wine and package stay fresh and clean.  Essentially, what you put in is what you get out.  Contact Juan for details on our cleaning and sterilization procedures.



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